Website Mundhalle

The homepage for Mundhalle eG a
workplace for over 50 people
working in the fields of design, arts
and crafts.

Visit: www.mundhalle.de

„Rule 10“

Poster featuring Sister Corita Kent‘s
rules for her students at Immaculate
Heart College. Highlighted here: „We‘re
breaking all of the rules, even our own
rules and how do we do that? By leaving
plenty of room for X quantities.“

(Dimensions: 594 × 841mm)


Steel, aluminium, moss balls,
chicken gods, astro turf, wire
mesh fence, cetraria islandica.

„Grüße aus Rothenburgsort“

Cover design for the exhibition catalogue.
The group exhibition covered young emerging
artists working in Hamburg who try to
establish atelier spaces that still haven‘t
been demolished by gentrification processes.
Hamburg needs more space for creative

(Dimensions: A4)

Poster Design for »Grüße
aus Rothenburgsort«

(Dimensions: A2)

„Gib Halle!“

Infinite poster design promoting the
„Mundhalle“, a workplace for over 50 people
working in the fields of design, arts and
crafts. Whom due to the demolition of their
current space, where searching for workspace.

(Dimensions: A2)

„Host 0 → 5“
Videos from social feeds, dating apps and makeup
tutorials are played on the mobile devices
that are stuck through the acrylic bodies. They
become a projection surfaces. As empty shells
these bodies have lost their individuality and
self-determination. They hang from the ceiling
on butcher hooks, becoming a passive product,
reproducing the vicious circle that female bodies
still have to endure today. This installation was
funded as part of the „Digifem“ 2019 at Kampnagel

Acrylic reisin, steel, secondhand
smartphones and tablets.

„Infusion Stand“

Digital space is instantaneously and
globally interconnected. It satisfies with
the illusion of knowing, communicating
and consuming everything the fastest
way possible. „Infusion Stand“ is the
host of the humanoid vulva that uses
the tools of technology to infuse new
ideas of gender into earthly creatures.

Steel, videos on LCDs, infusion containers,
tubes, syringes, industrial wheels.


This piece was funded as part of the „Digifem“
2019 that took place at Kampnagel Hamburg. It
refers to the intrusion that merges high-tech
tools and humans, forming a humanoid hybrid
between both worlds. Showing that physically
and mentally we become more and more dependent
and interconnected. The videos playing on the
tablets are from colonoscopic examinations on
human beings.

Steel tubes, tablets, industrial wheels,
stainless-steel boat railing arms.

„Lift ON Lift OFF“

Poster design for the art festival
»LOLO« at Mundhalle, Hamburg. Focus
here was the materials of the terrain
the festival took place at.

(Dimensions 594 × 841mm)

Website for »Merlin Reichart«
Plain html, css and a little js.

Visit: www.merlin-reichart.com


Publication revolving around a co-working
space for artists, designers and makers
in Hamburg. Featuring mainly interviews
with the people working in the Mundhalle
and their projects. Also documenting
the processes of establishing the space
in hamburg, focussing on the benefits
it holds for the city.

(Dimensions: 270 x 240mm)

„Samt Magazine“

Website promoting the Samt Magazine,
a platform for students from the design
department at the HAW Hamburg.

Website for the protest action »So
können wir nicht arbeiten«
Collaboration with Helene Kummer and
Insa Kühlcke-Schmoldt.

Visit: www.sokönnenwirnichtarbeiten.de

Poster for »So können wir
nicht arbeiten«

(Dimensions: A2)

Sticker for »So können wir
nicht arbeiten«

(Dimensions: 50 x 115mm)


Showing the connection between uncanny
microscopic and macroscopic phenomena.
Through the lense of technological
development the anthroposophical view
and power dynamics: human vs. nature
are reproduced.

Steel, LCD-Screens,
Infusions, Videos